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TVsportguide Football Predictor Game  

Free 2 Play  

Game Rules - Terms & Conditions 

It is important to state no wagering, betting or purchase exchange is required to take part and/or win the TVSportguide Football Predictor Game Free2Play, nor will it increase the chances of winning any game.

Game Mechanics: 

Football Predictor Free2Play games are exclusively available through Players must register a free account to take part in any of our Free2Play games. Only one entry per person is allowed.

Football Predictor Game Free2Play

  • This game will take place weekly between 26/08/2021 and December 2021, and every round will open on Mondays and close before kick-off in the first match of that round.

  • The game has a set of 6 questions and participating users must answer ALL questions correctly in order to win the weekly price of €2000* in cash.

    *If there are no winner(s) in a particular week, the prize will roll over to the next week, with a cap of €10.000. I.e. If there are no winner in the first two weeks, the prize is €6000 on the third week. 

  • Users can change, edit and amend their responses to any of the questions by logging into their account and adjusting them accordingly. This allowance can occur as many times as necessary, however this will only be available until the game is open. All final responses will be logged once the game closes. 

  • The 2,000 EUR cash prize is a prize pool spread amongst all TVSportguide markets. Thus, if multiple users from various markets answer the 6 questions correctly, the prize will be equally shared. There are no other cash prizes for those users who place in any other position, other than first place. 

  • Users can follow their current status on the Free2Play platform throughout the tournament using the leaderboard once they have completed all 6 responses. Winners will be announced at the end of the tournament and contacted to provide their details in order to commence the verification process. 

  • Wins will be paid out between 5-7 days after the weekly game closes and the verification process has been completed.



Football Predictor Game Free2Play is only eligible to users who are 18 years and over, they must hold a valid email address and winners will be asked for a valid ID verification. 

Only one entry, per open round and per person is allowed. Users cannot create multiple accounts within the various markets TVsportguide operates in and only one will be considered. Should the terms be violated, TVsportguide will have the authority to remove the user's account and terminate their participation in the game.

This Football Predictor Free2Play game excludes any employees who work with TVSportguide, the company, Raketech and their respective affiliates. This exclusion also includes any immediate family members and/or those within the same household. 


TVSportguide reserves the right to cancel the Football Predictor Game Free2Play game at any point without any prior notification. TVSportguide also has the right to terminate an account should they find that person be underage. 

The TVsportguide Football Predictor Free2Play game is available across multiple markets and the game terms have been translated to fit each market accordingly. However, in the event of any doubt, dispute and/or discrepancies, the English version will be considered as the original agreement between TVsportguide and the user.

When signing up for TVSportguide Football Predictor Game Free2Play you are automatically agreeing to communications from the brand. These will provide information and updates when new Free2Play game rounds are open. Should you wish to have further communications from TVSportguide about the latest news, updates and other sports information, then please sign up to the TVSportguide newsletter. 
Further communications will also be required from the TVSportguide Football Predictor Free2Play team to the winners in order for them to claim their prize. 

Gambling problem: 

Whilst the game is entirely Free2Play and no betting or exchange of payment needs to take place in order to take part, TVSportguide fully encourages users to get help if they or someone they know has a gambling problem. Kindly visit and contact them via their Live Chat and/or call 0808 8020 133. 

General information
Promotions are sponsored by Raketech Group Limited (“Raketech”) located at SOHO Office the Strand, Fawwara Building, Triq I-lmsida Gzira GZR1401, Malta. Redemption is expressly conditioned upon acceptance of and compliance with all of these “Official Rules”. Participants may be required to sign paperwork issued by Raketech.

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