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How to play

Football Predictor Game Free2Play 

This game will take place weekly between 26/08/2021 and December 2021, and every round will open on Mondays and close before kick-off in the first match of that round. Every round a set of 6 questions, and participating users must answer all questions correctly in order to win the big €2000* cash prize.

  • *Every week there are no winner, the prize will roll over to the next week, with a cap of €10.000. I.e. If there are no winner the first two weeks, the prize is €6000 on the third week.
  • The game has 6 set questions and participating users must answer these 100% correctly in order to win the weekly price of €2,000
  • Users can change, edit and amend their responses to any of the questions by logging into their account and adjusting them accordingly. This allowance can occur as many times as necessary, however this will only be available when the game round is open. All final responses will be logged once the game round closes.
  • The 2,000 EUR cash prize is a prize pool spread amongst all TVsportguide markets. Thus, if multiple users from various markets answer the 6 questions correctly, the prize will be equally shared. There are no other cash prizes for users who place in any other position, other than first place.
  • Users can follow their current status on the Free2Play platform throughout the tournament using the leaderboard once they have completed all 6 responses.
  • Winners will be announced at the end of the round and contacted to provide their details in order to commence the verification process.
  • Wins will be paid out between 5-7 days after the round has been completed and the verification process is completed.